Lindstrands is the brand for the more daring and adventurous

With modern details and sporty appearance, the design is focused on riders who wish to push the limits without compromising on safety and performance. First producing motorcycle boots in the 1950’s, the knowledge amassed during these years coupled with modern technology has led to a range of clothing with the highest standards of comfort, performance and safety.

Whether riding desert highways, forest trails or the city streets, Lindstrands has a garment that will satisfy your needs. As they say, “If it works in Scandinavia…”



You will find jackets for adventure, touring, street and urban in the All Weather Technology and Flow Technology sections of our collection. Most of our jackets are CE certified to class AA.


Many of our pants come in two lengths. All pants com with long connection zips that connects to any of our jackets. Our panst are all CE certified to the following classes: AAA, AA, A and B.


The gloves are divided into All Weather Tech, Warm Tech and Cool Tech gloves to make it easier for you to find the one that best suits your needs.


Our sister brands certified level 2 (and level 1) limb protectors are included in all our jackets and pants. Complete your armour with one of the different back protectors. An important reason why our suits have a great fit is the extensive adjustability of these protectors.


We are developing new accessories but for now our accessories collection includes a couple of motorcycle tailpacks in two different sizes and a great hooded softshell jacket that can be used as is or under the riding jacket.

Why Lindstrands

We use innovative, state-of-the-art textiles and technologies along with a fresh open-minded design philosophy to give you, our motorcycle riders, the best possible solutions no matter the conditions.

Safety and comfort have always been the top priority for the research and development team throughout Lindstrands history. The better the garments feel, the better you can focus on your travel and the more you can enjoy your ride.

Lindstrands is the brand for you, who looks for something other than the mainstream. You, the young at heart who relish adventure and dare to go the extra mile. For you, Lindstands will not only meet, but exceed every expectation.

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