We are blighted by an almost obsessive desire to produce gear that is, as comfortable to wear as it is safe to ride in. It’s why we spend so much time researching fabrics, new technologies and different construction methods. It’s a never ending pursuit. There’s always a way to improve a garment. And there’s always a new development that will help to improve biker’s lives.

HiArt for example is a material that we ourselves developed as an abrasion resistant backing material used in almost every product we produce. It can increase the strength of textile by up to 500% and leather by 200%. Of course not all the technologies we use are designed in house so we make use of highly regarded materials and membranes like Dryway and Dryway+ to keep you dry and comfortable, Outlast linings to regulate temperature, Thinsulate to keep you warm and TFL to reflect heat when it’s hot. Each of these technologies is rigorously tested and selected to suit our exact needs for the product we design. Outer materials are chosen for their strength and durability. The thread used in stitching is selected for strength while the size of the stitch is carefully calculated to offer maximum strength.

But the very best materials form only part of the equation. Just as important as the technology is the comfort and fit of the garment for quite simply, a rider who is relaxed and comfortable on the bike is a rider who can focus all his attention and energies to staying alert and safe. This is why the materials we use are not just effective in keeping you safe but also soft and supple, chosen for their lightness and ease of use. It doesn’t stop there. All of our fitted protectors are adjustable for a perfect individual fit with adjustable hems, cuffs and waist areas to further emphasise this. 


When we create new products, we set ourselves high standards. Our secret recipe for success is a century of craftsmanship blended with high technology. The result is motorcycle gear that’s far ahead of the pack. Just ask any of the professional motorcyclists who wear our garments daily, for instance, we have great response from some of the police forces around Europe. In this section you can read all about the techniques and methods we use to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

Lindstrands Hi-ART HI-ART® 
HI-ART is a proprietary material developed by us. We use the material in especially exposed areas to increase abrasion resistance. It makes leather 200 per cent stronger and textiles no less than 500 per cent stronger. We are extremely proud of our invention and of being alone in offering you this solution.

Lindstrands 3 Triple Stitch3STITCH
A garment is never stronger than its seams. It makes no difference how good the material is if the seams break. Following a multitude of tests, we have found a technique that provides maximum durability. We use a well-balanced stitch density, a heavy-duty, hard-wearing thread in triple stitched seams in exposed areas.

Lindstrands OutlastOutlast®
Outlast is a high-tech material that regulated the temperature inside the garment. It was originally developed to protect astronauts against extreme temperature changes and has since then been further developed to work in motorcycle wear as well. The lining consists of millions of microscopic paraffin wax capsules that absorb, store and release excess heat to keep you feeling comfortable out on the road. 


Lindstrands mcFitmcFIT
Maximum Comfort FIT technology in gloves laminates the liner and membrane with the outer shell for a perfect fit and prevents the liner from following your hand when removed.

Lindstrands Skin FitSKIN FIT
A technology used to secure glove linings and membranes. Where used the lining and membrane will remain firmly attached and not follow your hand when removed.

Lindstrands TeflonTEFLON®
A Teflon treatment on a garment will keep water and dirt away. It also allows the garment to dry quicker. 


Lindstrands DrywayDryway+2.0®, Dryway+® and Dryway®
Dryway+2.0, Dryway+ and Dryway are wind and waterproof membranes that keeps you dry even in the wettest, windiest weather. The material allows moisture vapor to escape from the inside while keeping wind and rain out. 

Our latest functional membrane, Dryway+2.0, has a waterproofing value of 10,000mm and a 30,000g/m2/24h breathability value. Keep in mind that a membranes function relies upon the difference in humidity between the inside and outside. If an external heat source is applied such as heated grips or seats, the membrane will work in reverse. 

Lindstrands DWRDWR
An extra water repellent treatment on some of our textile and leather products providing additional comfort to the user. Garments treated with a DWR will shed water more efficiently, retain their breathability properties and dry faster while also being easier to keep clean.

Lindstrands TFLTFL Cool System® 
Black leather can easily become hot in the sun. Therefor we use TFL Cool System – an innovation that ensures black leather to not absorb more heat than lighter coloured materials. Once it has been treated, 80 per cent of the heat radiation is reflected away and the garment can be up to 20 °C cooler. 

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Lindstrands InnoborneINNOBORNE®
An insulating material capable of retaining heat longer than even wool yet is light weight, quick drying and transports moisture efficiently away from the body. Consist of 100% Olefin / Polypropylene.

Lindstrands ThinsulateTHINSULATE®
Sometimes warm clothes can feel awkward and bulky, but thanks to Thinsulate our garments are light and supple, while also keeping you warm. The secret behind the material is in the unique microfibres that helps trap body heat, while allowing moisture to escape.




WINDWIRE is a durable adjustment system that makes tightening and opening of garments and gloves very quick and easy. The dial system has been developed to give function and a perfect fit. Find more information at


NUDUD is a new innovative high precision “touchscreen solution” that allows you to keep your gloves on in all situations, both on and off your motorcycle / snowmobile. The precision is second to none. Find more information at


Lindstrands CECE 
The CE label shows that the product complies with an approved safety standard based on advanced testing and accident studies. 

If a jacket bears this symbol it has a pocket in the lining, or an advance attaching system placed between the outer material and lining where you can adjust the position to your personal fitting.


The product has CE-approved protection level 1 and Velcro fasteners for easy adjustment. Jackets have shoulder and elbow armour. Pants have hip and knee armour.

This product has armour that achieves Level 2, the highest level according to EN 1621-1:2012. Velcro attachments for personal fit. Jackets have shoulder and elbow armour. Pants have hip and knee armour. Elbow and knee armour are designed to provide more protection on the outside of the knee/elbow.



Coming in from the rain – Let wet garments dry slowly at room temperature. Leather garments should not be dried at too high a temperature and never in an airing cupboard or on a radiator as this will make garments stiff and hard. Leather garments – Leather garments must never dry out completely. Because dry leather fibres break easily under stress such as an accident, treat leather regularly with e.g. Nikwax Waterproof Wax for Leather so that it retains its natural elasticity. Use a mild soap solution or leather soap such as Nikwax Leather Cleaner two or three times a year to ensure garments last year in, year out. Always test it first somewhere that doesn’t show e.g. inside. Textile garments – To keep textile garments clean, wash them according to their washing instructions; we recommend the use of Nikwax Tech Wash. But don’t forget to remove the armour. You should waterproof outer garments often, preferably every three washes. Use Nikwax TX Direct for functional clothing.